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About Us

Develop | Empower | Flourish

Is born out of a very clear purpose of transforming people and organizations and putting them at their best! We enhance results, people, teams, contexts ...

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Quem Somos

Our purpose

Develop | Empower | Flourish

We facilitate seeds that lead people, teams and organizations to:

Develop: we transform potential into talent and results, both in people as in organizations.

Empower: we promote leaders, teams, and collaborators' trust, autonomy, and courage.

Flourish: we facilitate the creation of positive contexts, happiness, and well-being, as such productive and creative contexts.

O nosso Propósito

Our Services


We train and develop talents through dynamics and experiential trainings.


We do behavioral diagnostics (DISC), and build solutions side by side with the client in the best management of their talents and team development.

Integrated Programs

We guide the client in a behavioral transformation challenge from A to Z so that the team acquires and integrates new practices. At the end of a medium / long term journey, a new, more positive and efficient culture emerges.

reunião de negócios

Flowering Programs

We reinforce the emotional salary of employees, diagnosing their needs and co-creating the context that provides internal well-being and social impact in the community. Here I am happy!

Games that introduce the themes

Exploring concepts by different authors

Experimenting keys through dynamics

How we do it?


Behavior: 70% of the DYNAMIC day

Inverted pedagogy: discovery of answers

Active: Games, dynamics and role-playing

Tools: Coaching | NLP | Positive Psychology | Somatic Psychotherapy | DISC


Role-playing 360º

Debate and Systematization of competences


Emotional Intelligence

How can I be more efficient in my relationship with myself and others?

Increase your self-knowledge and self-regulation

Promote in you more motivation and empathy
Have more positive results in interactions with others

Live relationships with higher trust and honesty in personal and professional relationships

Note: All WS Seven Seeds include Emotional Intelligence knowledge and tools.

Nossos Serviços

Check some videos that we highlighted for you!

The inspiring newsletters from Seven Seeds!

Paper and scientific articles

Some articles you should know.

Seven Seeds' Videos

Our videos with practical tips.


Do you know that...

Information must not be centralized, it must be shared!

Sabia que

Our Customers' Opinion

Nuno Constantino


Getting to work with Seven Seeds was quite easy, it was enough to assume that thinking outside our box can help us to see the topics from a different perspective. That is what they brought us, the ability to think outside our normal environment and to focus on themes that we sometimes overlook and that are fundamental (without realizing it). 12 months after we started collaborating (or they collaborating with us) with Seven Seeds we have a more aligned structure that allows us the boldness to continue to grow at the pace of the past knowing that there is support that not only supports us but pushes us for the future.

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Filipe Loureiro

Sales Manager

During the training course: ‘’ No one has ever heard us so well! This is exactly what we needed… ’’


Post-training: ‘’… in one week we received the same number of compliments - in the compliment book - as of last year’s total ’’.


Gonçalo Machado

Operational director

I met Ana in a training for Leaders. The topics covered were a review of behavioral styles, leadership and communication. The in-depth knowledge of the subject, and experience, make Ana Pina an elite trainer. We left with the knowledge of how to give feedback to our employees, a strengthening of the team building spirit and very motivated to lead positively.

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“If You Are Working On Something That You Really Care About, You Don’t Have To Be Pushed. The Vision Pulls You.”

Steve Jobs

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