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Seven Seeds

About Us

Seven Seeds is a humanistic development concept that catalyses talents, people and organizations. Integrally and in an holistic way, affects different areas of the human being.

Ana Pina is the founder, 'curator' and CEO of Seven Seeds. Vânia Prudêncio, with heart and soul, joined as right-hand (COO) and business developer for this purpose. Working and collaborating with us is a pool of extraordinary consultants, always the right ones for each project.

Seven Seeds is the natural result of success even before the company was created.


It is born out of a very clear purpose of transforming people and organizations and putting them at their best! We enhance results, people, teams, contexts...

Why are we different?

We create experiences with impact

We dynamically explore theoretical concepts scientifically validated by renowned authors

We embody the experience making it memorable from the point of view of cognition, emotion and behavior.

Our values

Courageous and original for putting emotional and somatic intelligence into all training processes normally managed in an essentially behavioral and cognitive way. We add value! With deep, fun and dynamic actions that easily become memorable.

Our values ​​are also the areas we work to restore verticality and integrity to each person, team and organization:

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Inspirational Leadership

Vision with Purpose

Authentic Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Efficient Agility

Creative Energy


Be curious, talk to us, contact us ...

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